Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors

Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors

New technology is providing consumers with a lot of options for upgrading basic home design features, particularly doors. The new fiberglass doors coming out on the market are low maintenance, high-tech, energy efficient, and better still, they look really good. If you’re thinking of upgrading your doors, it’s worth checking out the leading brands and specialty manufacturers.

Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors overview

Plastpro is a specialty fiberglass door manufacturer. This company also manufactures steel doors, and has a good reputation as a design-conscious brand.

The Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors range includes 12 basic product series:

  • Rustic

  • Modern

  • Mahogany

  • Fir grain

  • Wood grain

  • Smooth skin

  • True white oak

  • Cherry

  • Onelite

  • Trimmable

  • Fire rated

  • Impact

For those unfamiliar with fiberglass doors, these doors can duplicate any traditional door design, including features like iron decorative work and grilles. This truly unique product range includes an extremely broad range of traditional and modern door designs, including panel doors, door and glass combinations, and even timber plank arched door designs.

For consumers, the Plastpro range offers a very wide selection of designs, and good on site solutions for exterior presentation. Main entry doors are a major part of the exterior presentation of any home, and this range delivers a huge selection of style choices.

If you’re looking to upgrade your entry doors, or renovating your home, fiberglass doors offer a lot of positive features. Fiberglass doors are extremely durable, long-lasting, and weatherproof. It’s well worth exploring this range of designs, because everyone will find a design choice that’s appropriate for their home.

Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors at Superior Mouldings Inc.

If you’d like more information about our Plastpro Fiberglass Entry Doors range of products, or would like some assistance in product selection, please contact us online or by phone. Our experts will be happy to provide all the help you need and answer any questions.  


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