Cedar Valley Handcrafted Shingle Panels

Cedar Valley Handcrafted Shingle Panels

Cedar Valley is an innovative, labor saving, time saving siding panel system that incorporates the highest quality western red cedar shingles pre-mounted to a strong plywood backer over a protective layer of fiberglass matte laminate. These “3 Layers of Protection” ensure that the owner has purchased a complete and superior siding system.


They cut their own blue label Western Red Cedar shingles and sort them for #1 grade. Next, the shingles are kiln dried to provide more stability. Trained workers use these shingles to build handcrafted panels by gluing and stapling them onto a plywood backer. The plywood is APA (American Plywood Association) graded and regularly audited, in plant, by an independent quality control inspection agency. Between the shingles and the plywood is an inorganic fiberglass matte as a 3rd layer of built-in protection.


Everything normally done on the job is replicated in a factory controlled environment so we can ensure the highest quality and eliminate defects BEFORE they are installed on your home. Add to that matching corners and accessories and you are buying the “best of the best” shingle siding!


Cedar Valley Siding at Superior Moulding Inc.

To find out more about the Cedar Valley siding products, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist and provide any help you require when making this important decision.

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