Omnia Door Hardware

Omnia Door Hardware

When you’re shopping for door hardware, the huge range of choices available in style and technology will surprise you. The new generation of door hardware is a combination of advanced technology and designer styles. It’s well worth exploring your design options, and checking out top brands in particular, to get a good perspective of costs, product quality, and compare products.

Omnia Door Hardware overview

Omnia is a door hardware specialist company, offering a very wide range of different styles and product types. This company also markets its products to construction and architectural professionals, and has an excellent range of the current generation of design and technology.

The Omnia Door Hardware range of products includes:

  • Latch sets – This is a very extensive range of conventional latch doors, including a broad spectrum of mainstream and designer product choices.

  • Lock sets – The Omnia Door Hardware range includes mortise, deadbolts and multipoint locking systems.

  • Hinges – A range of heavy duty door hinges including playing, ball bearing, and finial design choices.

  • Architectural hardware – A selection of high end designer door accessories, including a large range of pulls, door knockers, doorstops, and decorative items.

  • Cabinet hardware – A large selection of cabinet handles, pulls, and knobs in a very broad range of styles.

The Omnia Door Hardware range of products is also a very good and extensive selection of the latest products on these classes. As a specialist company, Omnia places a very high emphasis on both quality and design. This range of products is an excellent example of current designs, and high quality materials. Omnia uses solid metals, like brass and steel, a hallmark of the best designer products on the market today.

Omnia Door Hardware at Superior Mouldings Inc.

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