Inox Hardware

Inox Hardware

The material used to create Inox® products is genuine 304 grade ANSI certified stainless steel with finishes in US32 and US32D that will last a lifetime. Unison Hardware Inc. prides itself on their high quality stainless steel door levers and accessories, and their newest finish, the Oil Rubbed Bronze. The Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B) is a classical touch on a contemporary design.

Inox Hardare

The Inox® stainless steel line of leversets combines exceptional engineering and creative design. Unison also has an extensive line for the commercial and residential sector including: lockets, hinges, door closers, exit devices and additional door accessories. Since launching and adding to our product lines, Unison's Inox® line has been used in building projects in major cities in the U.S., Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Panama.

Customization and consultation are a big priority to Unison. By working directly with architects and designers to custom tailor designs specifically for their projects, we can design the ideal door hardware for our customers. Unison uses top technology not only in the manufacturing of levers, but also to create 3D CAD drawings, as well as actual physical 3D prototypes using our rapid prototype machine.

Through select distribution over the past 8 years, Unison stocks the most high-end showrooms with their top of the line door hardware throughout the U.S. and Canada. Unison continues to add new levers, pulls, hinges, and accessories to their product lines. Product development is an ongoing process at Unison and our product lines continue to succeed in the cycle, torque, salt-spray, and other testing. Unison uses 85% recycled stainless steel for the Inox® line; while their products and facilities remain eco-friendly.

Unison caters to their customer from their residential to commercial lines, and uses superior engineering, precision casting, and meticulous craftsmanship in order to manufacture and assemble the perfect hardware for your doors.

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