Schlage Door Hardware

Schlage Door Hardware

When you’re shopping for door hardware, it’s a good idea to check out the specialty brands, particularly the leading door security specialists. There’s a lot of new technology on the market, and you will find a great selection of very practical security and design solutions by exploring the top brands.

Schlage Door Hardware overview

The Schlage Door Hardware range is a specialty brand with a very broad range of door designs and choices of styles. This range includes a full selection of the new generation of door security devices, as well as high quality designer door hardware.

The Schlage Door Hardware range of products includes:

  • Deadbolts

  • Knobs

  • Levers

  • Handle Sets

  • Hardware and parts

  • Door accessories

  • Chains

  • Cables

  • Padlocks

  • Electronic locks

  • Keypads

As you explore the range of Schlage Door Hardware products, you will see the current range of state-of-the-art door technologies and designer options. This range is based on a combination of high functionality and style, including advanced technology and multiple finishing choices.

Schlage Door Hardware offers a virtual one stop shop for door security products, and a very broad selection of practical design options for any home or commercial environment. The electronic range includes keypad deadbolts, touchscreen technology, and interior or exterior door security options.

The Schlage proprietary technology Connect™ range of products is also flexible, offering manual key as well as keypad locking options with motorized bolts, anti-picking technology, and computer connections. This is currently the best range of practical features in door security, and if you’re looking for a combination of style and security features, Schlage will deliver.

Schlage Door Hardware at Security Mouldings Inc.

For more information about the Schlage Door Hardware range of products, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist with you with any questions and provide additional information about all of these products.


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