Lincoln Clad Windows

Lincoln Clad Windows

Lincoln Clad Windows

Lincoln is a window and door specialist, offering a very wide range of different styles and cladding options. This well-established company offers a very diverse selection of styles. They also offer a very broad selection of scalable options, especially when you’re looking at window sizes.

The Lincoln clad windows collection includes three different types of cladding:

  • The Distinction collection – Aluminum cladding

  • The Harmony collection – Vinyl cladding

  • The Innovation collection – “Hybrid” cladding, choice of aluminum or vinyl

Each of these collections has its own recommendations for use. The aluminum cladding products have a range of distinctive color schemes and design options. The vinyl cladding options have a number of features that make them great long term windows. The hybrid Innovation collection includes a mix of both choices.

The Lincoln brand is best known for its extreme versatility and adaptability to very different design environments. This range of clad windows also caters for a very broad range of window types and situations, including picture windows, sliding windows, arched radius windows, fixed windows and an exceptional selection of styles.

While exploring the Lincoln brand, you will notice that these windows are used in many different types of architectural configurations, too. This is one of the features of the Lincoln clad windows collection, offering multiple solutions for a great exterior look.

Lincoln Clad Windows at Superior Moulding Inc.

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