Urban Floor Hardwood Flooring

Urban Floor Hardwood Flooring

Urbanfloor Hardwood Flooring

Urbanfloor hardwood flooring is a truly dazzling collection of exceptionally high quality hardwood floors. This product collection is very extensive, and worth exploring as an example of excellent craftsmanship and design.

The Urbanfloor hardwood flooring product line includes eight separate collections:

  • Chene – This is a fine and variable grain selection of European oak, a stylish collection of colors and textures.

  • Urban Lifestyle – A rich selection of beautifully grained wood, including Acacia, walnut, and red oak.

  • Mountain Country – An intriguing mix of grains, textures and color choices, and wood choices including birch, walnut, hickory, and maple.

  • Welcome Home – This is an all-birch collection of fine-grained, mottled, and beautifully colored birch wood.

  • Villa Caprisi - A European white oak collection, including very fine grains and mixed grain wood in a wide range of tones.

  • Composer – Traditional oak, named after famous composers like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, authentic classical wood at its best.

  • Presidential Signature – This is a modern and classical collection of flooring, including hickory, maple, and oak, with selections named after famous presidents, including Lincoln, Washington and Roosevelt.

  • Royal Court – Traditional style birch flooring, fine-grained with a wide range of colors, tones and textures.

The Urbanfloor hardwood flooring collections come with a standard 35 year warranty. Urbanfloor offers a range of choices in terms of price, options, color, and textures.

Urbanfloor Hardwood Flooring at Superior Moulding Inc.

For more information about our Urbanfloor hardwood flooring options, please contact us online or by phone. We’ll be happy to assist with product information advice, questions about custom options, and product selection issues.







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