Integrity Clad Windows

Integrity Clad Windows

Integrity Clad Windows

Integrity is one of the big Marvin brands, a major design-oriented brand from a senior industry manufacturer. Integrity Clad Windows are part of their leading Ultrex brand.

The Integrity clad windows collection includes:

  • Wood cladding including replacements

  • Scalable design options

  • A very broad range of color options

  • Suitable for all types of windows

  • Low maintenance, durable, long life products

  • Excellent weatherproofing

  • Standard 20 year lifetime warranty

This is a very versatile product line, offering a lot of home design choices.  Integrity clad windows are all-purpose designs. This collection also includes the latest exterior designs for the home renovation industry, architectural designers, and home upgrades.

It’s no coincidence that cladding is popular among industry professionals.  This new range of products offers a major quality boost for professionals, offering multiple design options. These are high quality products, and are highly adaptable to any type of architecture, as well as offering good exterior presentation solutions.

The Integrity clad windows are a particularly good example of the level of new window manufacturing technology and design possibilities.  If you’re thinking about new windows, you’ll find a lot of interesting options for your home.

Integrity Clad Windows at Superior Moulding Inc.

If you’d like to find out more about our Integrity fiberglass clad windows, or need some help with custom selections, purchasing, or design issues, please contact us. We’ll be glad to assist.

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